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Mission Statement

Protect and Study the History and Culture of Mount Washington.

Vision Statement

Create a Center for preserving, studying and bringing alive the History of Mount Washington.


The purpose of the organization shall be for the preservation of the 1868 School House, the collection, preservation and safekeeping of any articles and items of historical interest, such as personal records connected with the town, the marking of historical sites in the town as well as a place (the schoolhouse) where documents, relics and historical records related to the town may be seen and studied by the public. The Society will also preserve records of the early settlers in the area as may be necessary, useful or desirable for the furtherance or attainment of the above purposes as specified in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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On Saturday, February 10th, the Great Barrington Historical Society will sponsor a lecture entitled:
“Believe in Life: The Enduring Influence of W.E.B. Du Bois,” as part of Great Barrington’s celebration of the 150th anniversary of his birth.
The event will be held at Searles Castle on Main Street in Great Barrington from 3 pm to 5 pm, and includes a tour of the Castle. Light refreshments will be served. The event is free and open to the public, but a donation of $20.00 would be greatly appreciated. Seating is limited.
The Guest Speaker is Rev. Dr. Jamall Andrew Calloway, a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Professor at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Race & Ethnicity in America. He received his PhD from Union Theological Seminary in New York, and his Masters degree from Yale Divinity School.
For more information, go to:


Of the many historical treasures in Mt. Washington, we have come to view the North Schoolhouse as a real gem. It is a substantial example of the thriving family community we were and provides fond memories to many who live here or come back to visit.

In today's world where everything is "in the cloud", "on the net" or "in virtual reality", our Schoolhouse is in the "here and now." Its history can be felt and experienced from the moment you walk in the building. This was a remark repeated several times by the participants from last Fall's Heritage Walk to the Schoolhouse. The desks, art easel, numerous readers, and old Victrola ( in working order) add to an overwhelming historical and moving experience.

This project is a positive addition to our town with the alternative being an abandoned building that would be razed. Let's join together on all fronts so that does not happen!

Pictured below are artifacts housed in the Schoolhouse: A working victrola!... One of the original desks used by students attending the North Schoolhouse... Check out the titles of the school books: "Iroquois Arithmetics", "Insect Folks" and "Dictation Day by Day" to name a few...Young meets old - a young girl admiring the school books of old.

victrolaold desk
old schoolhouse booksstudent with books

The Berkshire Eagle published the Mount Washington Schoolhouse Story on January 19, 2018.

It is available to view online at,529830

The History Walk to the old North Schoolhouse

Participants in the Mount Washington Heritage Walk gather in the one-room schoolhouse to recreate the experience of schoolchildren in the early 1900s

Program presenters Mary-King Austin and Cory Hines greet Heritage Walk participants at the schoolhouse door.

inside Mary and Corey


The Schoolhouse Restoration Project is a broad and diverse undertaking that will need participation on many levels. Would you be willing to use your skills, talents and interests to make this project happen? What are we asking? The Mount Washington Historical Society is made up of diverse, talented, and devoted members. Projects and leaders have been identified and now we are seeking interested volunteers. What could you do? We are suggesting tasks, which are short-lived or projects which have a larger scope. Short-term tasks would include writing for the Newsletter, (write an article once or every once-in-a while), editing, photographing sites or events, layout artist, etc. Longer term projects could include working on a Mt. Washington Historical sites map or a lecture program under the guidance of Paul McBride. Cory Hines and Lesliann Furcht have joined the efforts of the MWHS as liaisons between the town and the Historical Society. Please give these ideas some thought and if you are interested, call Elizabeth Kasevich at 528-5405 or Dianne Salamon at 528-3276.

If you would like to contribute historical images or content to our archives, please email them to us.

MWHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  MWHS acknowledges your contributions as tax deductible for which you have received no goods or services.


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